3 Simple Tips On How To Sell Second-Hand

Have you ever looked around your home and realized how many unused products you have lying around? How about decluttering your home and making some extra money? Below are three simple tips that will enable you to sell your stuff faster and at a higher price:

1. Get the pricing right.

The price will depend on the age and condition of the product and the market price of similar second-hand products. Start up by looking for prices of products on eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, or local reselling websites. If no competitor prices can be found, you can look up the original price or the current selling price and offer it at a discount. The older and more used it is, the higher should the discount be. That is the case unless it is a scarce product, but we will cover that another time.

2. Take photos the right way.

A good visual presentation will make your product more appealing. Make sure you clean your product, take pictures in good lighting, take a range of photos from different angles, and use a clean neutral background so that potential buyers can focus on the product itself. You will showcase that funky painting of yours on a different occasion.

3. Give lots of details.

Buyers want to know the actual state and history of the item they are buying. Providing more details will also decrease the odds of potential buyers texting and asking you about products, saving you time.

How do we help? We make the selling of products at ZenOwn easy & simple. You save all the crucial product information such as the price, place of purchase, and date of purchase. When the time for selling the product comes, we generate the ad for you in a few steps. Then you can post it at your preferred platforms.


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