Donate Your Phone To Charity

You can give your phone a second life by selling them to another user ordonating themto charity, which can significantly improve human lives and give your phone bigger purpose. Below are three charity organizations with great causes that accept phones as donations:

Medic Mobile

is a game changer in healthcare systems of rural villages in 26 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Medic Mobile provides healthcare workers with the phones that are essential in case of emergencies, and to track disease outbreaks faster, register pregnancies and monitor essential medicine stock.


fights poverty by collecting and recycling mobile phones, iPods, tablets and more. They turn those into cash to buy vital kits, such as water tanks, wells, tools, seeds, schoolbooks and more. They collect the devices in shops or arrange a free courier collection.

CWAF and Ape Action Africa

is a charity focusing on improving living conditions for primates in Cameroon. By donating mobile phones) to the charity, Ape Action Africa receives up to £10 for each phone. This way they will improve the lives of Gorillas and help to preserve their natural habitat.

If you know of any other organizations that accept phones for donations, please let us know!

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