How To Organize Your Home

Updated: May 26, 2020

Do you want to make your home tidy and organized at all times? Although most people have their personal preferences, below are 5 general tips from the decluttering pros that

you can apply:

1. Get rid of stuff you don't use

You can resell, donate, or recycle. That will open up more space for items that are important to you and enable you to organize your home more neatly.

2. Start small

With one closet in one room and then move onwards.

3. Categorize

Before placing items in drawers or closets, decide on categorization, such as frequency of use, color, size, and similarity.

4. Use boxes

For frequently used items, use transparent boxes for easier identification. As a back-up option, an old shoe box will do as well.

5. Organize clothes by season

To save space, place the ones you don't need into a vacuum bag.

Organize with ZenOwn: while you are organizing your home, you can add your belongings into ZenOwn. It will enable you to have an overview of products and their documentation, such as invoices or warranty cards, without having to turn your home inside out. It will also enable you to easily track what products you are not using frequently or at all. Then you can decide to resell, donate, or recycle them.

Happy organizing!

We hate drawers and folders too, so we built the ZenOwn app, to help you store all your important products, invoices, and warranties in one place.

Download the ZenOwn iOS app here.


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