How To Prolong iPhone Battery Life

Tired of constantly running out of battery on your iPhone? We’ve got seven tips that will prolong your iPhone battery life:

1. Activate low power mode by going to Settings > Battery.

2. Control the screen brightness at Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations.

3. Set your Auto-Lock to a shorte

r time at Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock.

4. Turn off ‘Hey Siri’ active listening by going to Settings > Siri & Search.

5. Turn off automatic app updates on Settings > iTunes & App Store.

6. Don’t always quit apps. When you close an app, you take it out of RAM and when you open it again, the iPhone uses more energy to upload it again.

7. Buy a battery case, so you can charge the battery while protecting the iPhone.

In the case of an emergency: if the previous steps didn’t save you enough power and you are in serious need of it, you should put your iPhone in Airplane Mode. It turns off all the wireless features and disables calls and texts. If necessary, Wi-Fi can be turned on for iMessages and other tasks.

For the pros: If your battery is still draining quickly, you can also check your battery usage, app by app. By heading to Settings > Battery, you will be able to see a list of apps that used the most power in the last 24 hours and the last seven days. That way, you will be able to identify the most power-draining apps and limit their use when you are running low on battery.


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