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Finally, all your products in one place

The app that keeps it all in one place, safe, always accessible. Keep track of purchase information, find usage videos, get brand offers, and much more!

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Keeping your products organized is easy with ZenOwn
Keep track of your purchase info
Simply scan it, and you'll have all the product information at your fingertips.
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Get the best out of your product
Fresh and juicy tips on using your products.
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New tip

EQUA smart bottle

No more missed warranties, ever again
The best protection against the products causing you trouble. The days of not knowing when your warranty expires are over. Turn on the warranty alarm and get notified before it's gone for good.
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Warranty alarm

Turned ON

Sell or donate stuff you no longer need
Keep your product portfolio lean. We already have your product info, so no sweat on your end.


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Bought 2 years ago


Unlock special offers from the products you already own
When you add the product from one of our partnered brands, you unlock Brand Space where you can discover product tips, shop accessories, and contact customer support.
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Trusted by our brand partners


I have been waiting for this!

Love it. It’s totally what I was waiting for especially in these times when I have a bit time to declutter all the stuff I have and get invoices in order and sell what I don’t need. Thanks! Looking forward to getting more exciting features.



Great app, easy to use and keep track of all products that I couldn't be bothered to save invoices and make warranty claims in the past!

Ready to give your products a new digital home?
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Stop chasing your receipts & warranties
Collect receipts and track your products & warranties
Know what you owe at all times
All your products in one place at your fingertips
Organize your digital storage space
Track & manage your products with peace of mind
Don't miss out on your warranty ever again
Act before it is too late and claim your warranty on time

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